Since its inception in 2009, Biodiversity Education And Research (BEAR) has worked on projects to protect wildlife and conserve habitats all over Sri Lanka.

The BEAR team take pride in performing in-depth research on very diverse and less studied species such as spiders, whales and bats plus are

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Biodiversity Sri Lanka (BSL) is a national platform owned and driven by the private sector, established to promote strong engagement of the corporate sector in biodiversity and environmental conservation in Sri Lanka.

BSL actively promotes strong leadership of the private sector in the areas of

The Department of Agriculture (DOA) functions under the Ministry of Agriculture and is one of the largest government departments with a high profile community of agricultural scientists and a network of institutions covering different agro ecological regions island wide.


The Department of Animal Production and Health (DAPH) is the state organization responsible for providing technical leadership to the livestock industry and its stakeholders in Sri Lanka. The DAPH, located in Peradeniya, in the Hill Capital of Kandy, Sri Lanka, is being functioned under the Ministry

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The fisheries industry is a key sector in Sri Lanka that can make a greater contribution to the country's GDP. The sector fulfils the requirements of the people's nutritional intake while constituting the livelihood of about 2 million. The Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources is the main


Sri Lanka’s Botanic Gardens have a long and proud history, punctuated by colonialism, industrial change and wars. Throughout this period, the Gardens have continued to flourish, and the plant collections and herbarium grew. Nowadays, the Gardens represent a significant national asset for Sri Lanka

Department of Wildlife Conservation Conserves the Biodiversity of Sri Lanka. The individual species are provided legal protection through the Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance No 2 of 1937. Habitats and the associated biodiversity are protected through a network of Protected Areas.



Before the 1980s, there was a long-felt need for an organization dedicated to safeguarding Sri Lanka’s environment. The idea was stumbled upon by a group of friends – four law students, a budding zoologist, anthropologist, accountant, mathematician, and an actress – who would regularly band together

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Forest Department was started as the Office of the Conservator of Forests in 1887, denoting the commencement of forest conservation and scientific forestry in Sri Lanka. The first Forest Ordinance of Sri Lanka was passed in 1885. On 25th June 1887, British official, R. Thompson, a technical man from


The Department of National Zoological Gardens, which started during the early 20th century, is the pioneer institute that posses manages and conserves wild animals and displays the animal collection to the public throughout the year in the country.

Initially, it was established as a collecting