Protected areas

Angammedilla national park is one of the less known, yet a wonderful land of greenery and wildlife. 

Angammedilla National Park is one of the new national parks in Sri Lanka. The region was designated national park on 6 June 2006. Originally Angammedilla was a forest reserve within the Minneriya

Galway’s land is a montane ecosystem park, just a few kilometres east of the Nuwara Eliya town. Though it’s not very accessible by vehicle, it makes for a perfect trek for those who don’t mind getting there by foot. There is a clearly marked walking trail leading up the mountainous park. The park is

Kaudulla National Park is home to 23 species of mammals including Sambar Deer, Sri Lankan Axis Deer, Chevrotain, Wild boar, Leopard, and Sloth Bear are other mammals. Very rarely one could spot leopard and sloth bears. The best period of time to visit this park is during the months of June to

In the 2nd century BC, Queen Somawathie built the Somawathie dagoba (a mound-like structure which contains relics used as a place of worship), along the Eastern side of the Mahaweli River, hence giving name to this National Park.

The Park was originally designated as a wildlife sanctuary on the

Spanning the Mahaweli Ganga and situated between Wasgomuwa and Somawathiya Chaitiya National Park, the Flood Plains National Park is central to the integrity of the Mahaweli system of protected areas, both for its unique ‘villus’ and as a corridor for wildlife migration between grazing lands in both

Ussangoda National Park is the 21st national park established in Sri Lanka, with the intent of safeguarding the area’s biological, archaeological and geographical values Flanking the Kalametiya Wildlife Sanctuary in the east. The park’s landscape is unique, with red soil stretching out in all

Hikkaduwa National Park is one of the three marine national parks in Sri Lanka. It is home to some of the best coral gardens in Asia. The national park contains a fringing coral reef of a high degree of biodiversity. The area was declared a wildlife sanctuary on May 18, 1979. Hikkaduwa coral reef is

The latest National Park in the country, “Horagolla” is the smallest under the Department of Wildlife Conservation. The preliminary works were completed for openning the Horagolla National Park officially to the public. This 13.362-hectare National Park is located in the Nambadaluwa village in

Madhu Road National Park is located in Northern Province of Sri Lanka about 25 KM east to Mannar city. Originally this National Park was a wildlife sanctuary which declared in 1968 June 28 and the total extent of the Madhu Road National Park is 26,677 hectares (65,920 Acres). After civil war of Sri

Pigeon Island National Park is one of the two marine national parks in Sri Lanka Consisting of two islands situated a kilometer off the coast of Nilaveli, It encompasses an area of 417.429 hectares, and contains some of the best remaining coral reefs of Sri Lanka. Named after the rock pigeon which