Ussangoda National Park

IUCN category
II (National Park)
Designation type
National Park
Surface area
3.49 km²
Status year
Governing type
Federal or national ministry or agency
Management authority
Department of Wildlife Conservation

Ussangoda National Park is the 21st national park established in Sri Lanka, with the intent of safeguarding the area’s biological, archaeological and geographical values Flanking the Kalametiya Wildlife Sanctuary in the east. The park’s landscape is unique, with red soil stretching out in all directions, and having a stunted vegetation of grass and moss in an irregular pattern.

Some believe the reason behind the barren land to be a meteoroid having fallen at this point years and years ago, while others believe the heavy sea breeze and high concentration of ferric oxide in the area to be responsible for the poor plant life and red soil respectively. Ancient Hindu mythology believes Ussangoda National Park is where King Ravana landed his peacock chariot.

The park is an important breeding site for sea turtles and is one of the four serpentine sites in Sri Lanka. A trail leading to the coastline ends at the edge of a cliff overlooking the beach and the sea. A blend of red and blue with patches of green, the view is pleasing and the wind exhilarating. Make sure to stop by if you visit down south of Sri Lanka.