Horagolla National Park

IUCN category
II (National Park)
Designation type
National park
Surface area
13.362 hectares
Status year
Governing type
Federal or national ministry or agency
Management authority
Department of Wildlife Conservation

The latest National Park in the country, “Horagolla” is the smallest under the Department of Wildlife Conservation. The preliminary works were completed for openning the Horagolla National Park officially to the public. This 13.362-hectare National Park is located in the Nambadaluwa village in Udagampattuwa of the Siyane Korale in the Gampaha District. In the seventies’ decade the land belonged to the state, but on October 05, 1973 it was declared as a sanctuary considering the rich bio diversity prevalent in the area under the Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance. Under the same Ordinance, this natural sanctuary was later upgraded as the Horagolla National Park on July 28, 2004.

Horalgolla National Park is a low country evergreen forest with a humus soil structure and has a hot temperature throughout the year. Growing in abundance in this National Park are a variety of tree species locally known as Hora, Kekuna, Godapara, Diyapara, Kithul Cane, Nandun, Etamba, Bo, Ruk, Ankenda, Milla, Munamal, Del and Velang. A wide variety of Puswel are also found in large numbers. A variety of plant species and grass are found covering the landscape throughout the park. The diverse flora in the park provide the food for birds, animals and reptiles in this habitat where ample water resources are also available.

A large variety of Fauna generally found in evergreen forest are also found which include the Fishing Cat, Mouse Deer, Fox, Giant Squirrel etc. and bird life include species such as Parakeets, Black Headed Bulbuls, Barbets, Asian Koels etc. A large number of reptiles species found in the park including different species Pythons and Cobras.

The Horagolla National Park could be reach by traveling 35km on the Colombo Kandy road. Turning in at Nittambuwa and travelling one kilometers towards Veyangoda is the Pinnagolla junction. The Park office is found 6 kilometers from this junction.