Protected areas

Located adjacent the Hakgala botanical gardens, the SNR is an isolated cloud forest supporting a number of number of faunal species including some endemics. It was declared an SNR in 1938 and encompasses an area of 1142 hectares.

The name Hakgala is derived from the Sinahala word ‘hak’, meaning

Yala is a complex of National Reserves consisting five Blocks (97,881.3 hectares), including a Yala Strict Nature Reserve – SNR and three Sanctuaries covering an area of 151,778.8 hectares. Out of these five blocks of Yala, only Block I is open for public which is an area of 14,100.6 Ha in extent.

Ritigala Strict Natural Reserve

An isolated hill, stands out as a prominent erosion remnant, rising from 180 m to 768 m above the surrounding peneplain, providing home to three (3) floral species and one (01) fauna species no elsewhere in the world. (Point endemic species)

This isolated hill, 6.5 km in length, is divided into