Commemoration of the World Seagrass Day on 1st March 2024 - Jetwing Blue Negombo

Commemoration of the World Seagrass Day on 1st March 2024 - Jetwing Blue Negombo


Sri Lanka, nestled in the Indo-Pacific seagrass bioregion, boasts half of the world's seagrass, yet much of it remains unexplored. The country's rich marine biodiversity is underscored by the fact that fifteen true seagrass species, belonging to seven genera, have been identified. Impressively, Sri Lanka has re-established over 65% of its total seagrass in the Indo-Pacific region, making it a global hotspot for seagrass diversity.

 March 1st, designated as World Seagrass Day, is a pivotal moment for global awareness and action. This international day aims to bring seagrasses to the forefront of global consciousness.

This day provides a unique opportunity to unite various stakeholders in Sri Lanka to celebrate and promote the conservation of seagrass ecosystems. The 2nd World Seagrass Day in Sri Lanka aims to engage the national government, international organizations, non-governmental institutes, civil societies, business communities, and youth groups in collaborative activities to raise awareness and foster a collective commitment to seagrass conservation.

 There are several sub-activities associated with the event, and it will culminate with the presentation of a flagship award that Sri Lanka has received. This prestigious award will be ceremonially handed over at a special function during the UNEA-6 on the 27th February 2024. The symbolic award will be announced officially, accompanied by various videos and talks during the main event of commemoration of the 2nd World Seagrass Day.

 In this respect, the Ministry of Environment is planning to hold the National Event for commemorating the 2nd World Seagrass Day on 1st March 2024 in Negombo in collaboration with all the relevant stakeholders and partners.

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02 March 2024