Rediscovery of Macromia flinti with observations on the female and novel faunistic records (Odonata: Macromiidae) from Sri Lanka

Macromia flinti Lieftinck, 1977, is an endemic dragonfly in Sri Lanka and one of the rarest known odonates in the country. Originally described based on a single specimen collected in 1970, it had not been reported in the past 50 years and thus was considered a globally Critically Endangered Species (IUCN), possibly even extinct. Here a Sri Lankan research team reports the rediscovery of the species based on a female specimen observed in the hand and multiple other field observations recorded with photographs. They also provide a summary of all known observations, the first photographs of the species in life, and a description of the female, as well as notes on the species identification, its distribution, and natural history.

Sri Lanka