Maduru Oya National Park

IUCN category
II (National Park)
Designation type
National Park
Surface area
588.5 km²
Governing type
Federal or national ministry or agency
Management authority
Department of Wildlife Conservation

The Maduru Oya National Park that spans across the border between the Eastern and Uva provinces protects the immediate catchments of five major reservoirs developed under the Mahaweli Development program. A range of Rocky Mountains can be seen in the south west area of the park.  The park has been further extended to provide habitat and protection to the wildlife and catchments of the NDK reservoir. The climax floral community in the park is tropical dry mixed evergreen forests. The park is also significant In terms of floral conservatiion as it provides refuge to the only Diptercocpaaceae species to occur in the dry zone. The park is also rich in faunal diversity homing many endemic and threatened species of mammals, reptiles and fish.