A New Balsam (Balsaminaceae) species from Knuckles massif of Sri Lanka

A group of researchers from Sri Lanka has delighted with a new Balsaminaceae species (Impatiens jacobdevlasii) from Knuckles (Dumbara) massif of Sri Lanka. With the new species named from the locality, the number of Balsam species belonging to Sri Lanka has increased to 25. The new species has been named Impatiens jacobdevlasii in honor of Jacob De Vlas. This species was first reported from Dotalugala mountain in 2016 and then from Thangappuwa area in 2019.

This species is classified as extremely endangered by the IUCN Red Data Classification due to its limited habitat, low population density and destruction of mature plants. Of the 25 species currently listed in Sri Lanka, 16 species and 3 subspecies are endemic to Sri Lanka, but unfortunately, two are extremely endangered, nine are endangered, six are endangered and one is suspected to be extinct. 

Sri Lanka