Assess to Plan: Conservation Action Planning for the Snakes and Lizards of Sri Lanka

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National Report

In September 2019, the IUCN/CI Biodiversity Assessment Unit held a workshop to complete IUCN Red List assessments for 169 species of snakes and lizards of the 230 currently (September 2019) described reptile species known from Sri Lanka, as part of the Global Reptile Assessment. Additionally, a preliminary Key Biodiversity Area (KBA) assessment was conducted and the IUCN SSC Conservation Planning Specialist Group facilitated the Assess to Plan (A2P) process to identify the next steps towards conservation action for all species assessed as threatened. Of the 169 species assessed during the workshop, 102 (60%) were categorised as threatened (Critically Endangered, Endangered or Vulnerable), with 100 (98%) of these being endemic to Sri Lanka. Additionally, 17 species (10%) were assessed as Data Deficient, all of which are Sri Lankan endemics.

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5 April 2020
Sri Lanka