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13 08, 2016

Validation Workshop on the draft National Policy on Mangrove Conservation and Sustainable Use

The Ministry has established the National Expert committee on Mangrove conservation sustainable use’ whose responsibility would be coordinate and steer the activities related to conservation and sustainable use of mangrove ecosystems and one of the major activity is to prepare National Policy on Mangrove conservation and sustainable use. The Biodiversity Secretariat conducted series of workshops

10 08, 2016

Validation workshop on National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan

Sri Lanka became a signatory to Convention on Biological Diversity on 1992 and the Convention was ratified in 1994. In 1994 Sri Lanka formulated Strategy for the Conservation and Sustainable use of Biological Diversity and in 1996 prepared Biodiversity Conservation Action Plan (BCAP) under the title of Biological Conservation in Sri Lanka. It was approved